Ursula López

J.R.T., sobre Julio Romero de Torres, pintor y flamenco

Premiere march 2016 Flamenco Festival of Jerez
Next show September 13d, 2016, Flamenco Biennial of Seville

LA OTRA PIEL, NOMINATED for the BEST SHOW Escenario de Sevilla, January 2013

“LA OTRA PIEL is dancing from this tenuous and indefinable tread which we call air. The air, it’s the imperceptible, the immaterial, the transparency. The rhythm and the body are its materiality, its concretion. The dancer is a composite, a dancing metal alloy. I want to dance from myself, from who I am, from the sources in which I drank. Express the essence of a dance in permanent dialogue. To instill other transparencies, other airs, to gradually, breath by breath, make room for my freedom. “ Úrsula López