Olga Pericet

© Paco Villalta

OLGA PERICET: National dance reward 2018 (Spain)


Olga Pericet in this spectacle realizes a personal trip across the dance, born from the memory, from the wounds, the received kisses, the time that has caressed her as if it was a dream, where the reality and the oneiric become one, a unic space – time: her  deepest self.


Dramaturgy and
Stage direction: Carlota Ferrer
Artistic direction, Choreography and dance: Olga Pericet
Aide à la direction et Choreographic consulting: Marco Flores
Musical direction: Olga Pericet y Marco Flores

“In her new show Pisadas, Olga Pericet is deeply looking into her current calligraphy to establish a communion of diverse styles of dance, with a meticulous Choreographic and scenic work. “

“Rosa, metal, ceniza”,
alone work of the Artist Revelación Festival of Jerez 2012 does not stop indifferently: Olga Pericet becomes gigantic on scene. Enigmatic and melancholy, still it has big pages of the history of the dance that it is necessary to write, in order that she is flamenco, classic or contemporary.
Francisco Sánchez Mújica. Diario de Jerez

With “De una pieza”, Olga Pericet, who already in the moment of the verdiales was notable for his managing of the castanets, reached to the border of the sublime one with fandangoes of Huelva: a perfect balance enters the voluptuousness of the sensations
Manuel Martín Martín. El Mundo