Manuel Liñan


“Baile de Autor”

A director who dreams, a dancer who dances. The same person, which results in a danced fantasy, divided into different pieces, that have nothing to do with each other, a show which is placed in the mind of this artist and his creativity. A dream that only him imagines, but that we can all see, an awakening and the NOTHING.

Dance: Manuel Liñan
Singing: David Carpio
Guitar: Manuel Valencia



Awqrd: “ La Critica del Festival de Jerez 2016”

“REVRSIBLE” is a show developed through a serie of choreographies inspired by children’s games, that lead the performer to a specific moment of his life, “childhood”, where he recovers his first impulses, the innocence and the illusion of an era marked by certain guidelines social factors that lead to a certain aesthetic alien to oneself.

Direction: Manuel Liñán
Dance and choreography : Lucia Álvarez “La Piñona”, José Maldonado & Manuel Liñán
Guests: Lucia Álvarez “La Piñona” & José Maldonado
Singing: Miguel Ortega & David Carpio
Guitar: Francisco Vinuesa & Pino Losada
Percussion: Miguel “El Cheyenne”

©Cecilia De Coca


Nómada is a collective trip located sometimes in different geographical areas that frame flamenco in different textures. Singing, dancing and guitar give this art a plurality of styles and concepts that enrich it, manifesting itself in different ways.

Direction, Choreography & Dance : Manuel Liñán
Music : Víctor Márquez “El Tomate” & Francisco Vinuesa
Dance: Anabel Moreno, Agueda Saavedra, Inmaculada Aranda, Adrián Santana, Jonatan Miró & Manuel Liñán
Singing : Miguel Ortega, Miguel Lavi & David Carpio
Guitarre : Víctor Márquez “El Tomate” & Francisco Vinuesa