David Coria

©Jean Louis Duzert
©Alain Scherer

¡Fandango! – creación 2020

co-produccion Chaillot Teatro Nacional de la Danse & Bienal de Flamenco de Sevilla | Dirección artística David Coria & David Lagos

¡FANDANGO! Award Giraldillo best show Bienal de Sevilla 2020

David Lagos : Award Giraldillo best sing
Alfredo Lagos: Award Giraldillo best guitar
Paula Comitre: Award Giraldillo revelation artist

“ANÓNIMO” – creation 2019

Show for 3 dansers and 4 musicians

Inspired by the experiences of life, three men who dance and come from the same culture. ANONIMO is the desire to dance on common concerns, human, without paying attention to differences. The body is a resistant, powerful, sensitive and delicate instrument, it has no specific identity or physiognomy; it can be rigid and soft, masculine and feminine, beautiful and ugly, chaotic and orderly. An anonymous mass of skin, flesh and bone exposes dance without reserve.
Premise of flamenco and dance in all its expression. Seven artists on stage play to exist with freedom and alive, in the lights, in the music, in the breathing, the exhaustion, the sweat and the silence.

“EL ENCUENTRO” – creation 2017

“El Encuentro” evokes a meeting, a conversation between people , where stories are released in the air, intertwined with each other, relevant to the “group”, in that single moment, although ephemeral in time. But here it is, in the simplicity of daily life where they find those deep and human labyrinths in which we can be united.


Dance: David Coria, Florencia Oryan, Paula Comitre, Rafael Ramírez
Singing: Antonio Campos, Miguel Ángel Soto “El Londro”
Guitar: Jesús Torres, José Luis Medina
Percussion: Daniel Suárez