‘Flamenco, tradición, vanguardia’

Flamenco, tradición, vanguardia is a choral work, full of freshness and energy, in which these young artists of the 21st century revisit some of the little jewels that tradition offers them. This new proposal is the first fruit of the Cantera Project, a pedagogical program designed by Rafael Estevez and his collaborator Valeriano Paños, and which aims to offer young members of the BFA a platform to express their creative concerns and – something even more interesting – prove his talent for choreography, without a doubt the pending subject, together with the stage direction, of contemporary flamenco.


Principal dancer: Valeriano Paños
Soloists: Sara Jiménez / Macarena López
Dancers: Martí Corbera / Borja Cortés / Eduardo Leal / Alberto Sellés
Bailarinas: Irene Correa / Nadia González / Carmen Yánes
Cante: Sebastián Cruz / José Luís García “Cheíto” / José Luis Pérez-Vera
Guitars: Pau Vallet, Manuel Urbina

Aquel Silverio. Choreographic, musical and flamenco project, based on the first verses of the Portrait of Silverio Franconetti, from Poema del Cante Jondo by Federico García Lorca.