Ana Morales

“SIN PERMISO” Canciones para el Silencio – Creation 2017

Artistic direction & scenography: Guilermo Weickert, Ana Morales and David Coria

Choreografy: Ana Morales and David Coria

When the flamenco becomes the vehicle for the expression of a memory, and let the dance draw all the words that would never cross the lips, remained impregnated inside an inert body during many years, a body, one body “him”.

“Him” and his enery, which takes you to an abstract univers that you never knew. What’s familiar, sometimes, is someting that you never explored…

Tiempos –2017 creation


Una mirada lenta

Soloist in Ballet Flamenco de Andalucía from 2013 to 2016
“DESPLANTE” Trophy, International Festival Cante de Las Minas 2009.
“BAILE LIBRE” Award, flamenco dance national competition La Perla de Cádiz 2004.